Get an SDS
1-866-724-6650   (toll free)

1. Call 1-866-724-6650 and press 2

2. Select the emergency option.

3. Tell the specialist your emergency situation.

The attendant can then:

For a Human Poisoning or Chemical Exposure
Connect you, emergency-response personnel, or a medical provider, to a specialist, including registered nurses, emergency medical technicians, toxicologists, paramedics and pharmacists.

For a Pet Poisoning or Chemical Exposure
Connect you to a board-certified veterinarian specializing in pet internal medicine and veterinary toxicology.

For a Chemical Spill
Connect you to a professional who specializes in chemical spill cleanup and management.

If you have an unusual chemical or the SDS is not available, the specialist will cross-reference the product to similar products or chemicals. If necessary, the specialist will contact the manufacturer, doctor, or toxicologist.

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