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My Safety Portal

Saturday  June 23
  • Report accidents
  • Complete investigation
  • Manage Workers' Comp
  • View accident trends
  • View federal reports
Staff Accident
  • Report work hazards
  • Report unsafe practices
  • Report near-misses
  • ID corrective actions
  • Assign & track actions
Hazard & Near-Miss
  • Report staff misconduct
  • Report ethical conflicts
  • Report bad behavior
  • Report illegal activity
  • Manage incidents
Staff Misconduct
  • Speak to SDS specialist
  • Get Safety Data Sheets
  • How to protect yourself
  • Get first aid measures
  • Get spill cleanup help
Chemical Safety
  • View Safety Data Sheets
  • Load a new SDS
  • Request a new SDS
  • Access archives
  • Manage SDS binder
Chemical SDS
  • Set up automated tasks
  • Access task libraries
  • Track task completion
  • Attach documents
  • View task status reports
Compliance Task
  • Create online drill forms
  • Set integrated actions
  • Set automated followup
  • Track drill completion
  • Access drill records
  • Add online inspections
  • Set integrated actions
  • Set automated followup
  • Track action completion
  • View inspection records
  • Report student bullying
  • Record response actions
  • Initiate office referral
  • Observe bullying trends
  • Deliver bullying stats
Student Bullying
  • Report safety issues
  • Access child abuse line
  • Record response actions
  • Initiate office referral
  • View analysis & trends
Student Safety
  • Report student accidents
  • Complete investigations
  • Communicate w/parents
  • View records & reports
  • View accident trends
Student Accident
  • Submit behavior reports
  • Print positive certificates
  • Manage consequences
  • Generate parent letters
  • Generate state reports
Student Behavior
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