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Student Bullying Reporting

The online reporting system and the 1-866-listen2me phone system are for students and parents to report the bullying of a student.

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"Bullying" is defined as a person willfully and repeatedly exercising power or control over another with hostile or malicious intent (i.e., repeated oppression, physical or psychological, of a less powerful individual by a more powerful individual or group). Bullying can be physical, verbal (oral or written), electronically transmitted, psychological (e.g., emotional abuse), through attacks on the property of another, or a combination of any of these. Some examples of bullying are: A. Physical—hitting, kicking, spitting, pushing, pulling, taking and/or damaging personal belongings or extorting money, blocking or impeding student movement, unwelcome physical contact. B. Verbal—taunting, malicious teasing, insulting, name calling, making threats. C. Psychological—spreading rumors, manipulating social relationships, coercion, or engaging in social exclusion/shunning, extortion, or intimidation. D. “Cyberbullying” - the use of information and communication technologies such as email, cell phone and pager text messages, instant messaging (IM), defamatory personal web sites, and defamatory online personal polling web sites, to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group, that is intended to harm others.” [Bill Belsey (http//]

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