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If you'd like to report your issue by phone or talk to someone outside the district, call 1-866-listen2me. If necessary, the attendant can connect you to a trained support person.

Abuse (physical, mental, sexual) Mistreatment which could intentionally or unintentionally harm, offend or trouble someone, including inflicting physical pain, discomfort or injury such as hitting, burning, restraining, slapping, beating, or sexual assault.
Alcohol / Drugs / Tobacco The use of alcohol (e.g., beer, liquor) or a chemical substance (e.g., marijuana, cocaine).
Bullying / Harassment / Intimidation Any intentional, persistent and repetitive written, verbal, graphic, electronically transmitted, or physical act that a student or group of students exhibits toward another student and the behavior both: a) causes mental or physical harm to the other student; AND b) is sufficiently severe that it creates an intimidating, threatening or abusive educational environment for the victim.
Discrimination Treating someone differently because of their race, color, gender, national origin, ancestry, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or other personal characteristic.
Hacking / Cyber Crime The intentional attempt to harm or destroy the software or data of the district or other users. This includes the creation or uploading of computer viruses, disruption of data flow, the unauthorized use or attempts to bypass computer security mechanisms, illegally accessing computer systems, or carrying out illegal activities on computer systems.
Health Concern An anxious feeling, concern, or preoccupation with a physical condition such as self abuse, pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease (e.g., HIV/AIDS), etc.
Suicidal Behavior The intent or thoughts by someone who is considering or preparing to cause his/her own death, which may range from simple urges to detailed plans and after-death instructions.
Suspicious Behavior A person (known or unknown) behaving strangely, including someone doing something unexpectedly or talking about planning to hurt someone. Also, an unknown person somewhere that only people you know should be, or someone paying too much attention to the school buildings, entrances and exits, etc.
Theft The taking, or an attempt to take, someone else's property without that person's willful consent.
Threat (bomb, physical, other) A written, verbal or electronically-transmitted message expressing or implying that something bad will happen to a person or property. A bomb threat includes the use of a device (whether or not the device actually exists) containing an explosive, incendiary, or other harmful agent such as poison, biological pathogens, chemicals, or radioactive materials.
Vandalism The intentional attempt to destroy, disfigure or deface any objects or materials (e.g., buildings, grounds, computers, equipment) belonging to the school, school personnel, or other persons, without the consent of the owner or person having control.
Violence / Fighting Acts of aggression, usually deliberate, that cause or intend to cause injury to people or animals. Violence may be random such as small-scale fights or coordinated violent actions carried out by groups.
Weapons / Dangerous Items The possession on school property of dangerous items such as firearms, knives, explosives, fireworks, realistic replicas, nunchuks, brass knuckles, blackjacks, large chains, or any item that can cause bodily harm or be perceived as a threatening object.
Other Use this category if none of the other categories appear appropriate for your issue.
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